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Which is my “one positive habit” which has transformed my life forever? 

As I got up today, Sunday morning, 8th May 2016 , I got excited thinking about “one habit” of mine which has transformed my life forever & thought of writing a blog on it.

I read the book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey in 2005 and one of the habit (the 7th habit) mentioned in the book was “sharpening your axe”.

I could connect with this habit of “sharpening your axe” as investing time consciously on regular basis to learn & upgrade my attitude, skills and knowledge in areas of health, relationships and business.

Connecting with my purpose of life which is “to lead an extraordinary & powerful life” , I got inspired & started investing 30 minutes from Monday to Saturday & 2 hours on Sunday 4 to 6 pm in “sharpening my axe”. Hence, invested 5 hours per week , 20 hours per month & 240 hours per year.

In addition to this 240 hours, I started investing 7 days (one week) per year attending workshops (landmark education, shiv khera workshop, management programs at IIM, etc) , so around 60 hours of training per year for “sharpening my axe”.

So I started investing 300 hours per year for “sharpening my axe”. In the past 10 years, I have invested more than 3,000 hours in “sharpening my axe”.

“Sharpening my axe” for me means upgrading my knowledge, skills and attitude through reading books, watching inspirational videos on you tube , meeting powerful personalities, attending conferences, training programs etc.

I feel excited to share this habit which I have been practicing for the last 10 years as it has created big breakthroughs in my life in areas of my relationship, business and health – thanks to the the habit of “sharpening my axe”.

Few of my breakthroughs I could achieve :

1) helped me to reach & sustain my health goals (eg I lost 5 kgs in one month through sharpening my knowledge of right things to do via reading books and watching video’s on you tube ).

2) learned & implemented new ideas & perspectives for growing business ( eg contributed towards growing our company Monachem from 25 Cr to 110 Cr in 10 years )

3) created new memories and new possibilities in my personal and professional relationships by connecting with them naturally ( eg I learnt the art of connecting more with my daughter through her world )

4) it helped me to maintain a positive attitude towards life & it has a powerful impact on my relationship with myself.

And many more such wonderful breakthroughs has changed my life forever….

I continue to practice this habit & commit to “sharpen my axe” by investing 300 hours per year & look forward to continue creating big breakthroughs in my life.

Which is your “one positive habit” which has transformed your life forever?

Look forward to hearing your sharing on reading this blog. Cheers,


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