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What's your SUNDI?:)

Hello Feeling 10/10 Buddies:),

Have you seen the movie Housefull 3?

In that movie, actor Akshay Kumar’s character name is Sandy and he turns into a SUNDI, when he hears the word “INDIAN” ! He starts behaving crazy ashe doesn’t have control over him , banging his head against the wall, hitting himself etc.

Here is the link of the funny scene of Sandy becoming SUNDI -

When I saw this scene in the movie, I realised, we all have our own SUNDI’sin our life ! When we hear a name of a thing or person or a word or when we experience some consistent repetitive events – fixed set of thoughts (same pattern) appear where our thoughts take control over us, as if we now have lost CONTROL …! I call those events, names, words etc as SUNDI’s in our life. 😊

These SUNDI’s steal our feeling 10/10 and put us in a state which we know we don’t like but still we become that STATE as we lose control.

My SUNDI is “when somebody doesn’t pick up my phone and doesn’t call me back” …a rush of baseless thoughts rush in my mind and creates a negative energy , steals my 10/10 state ! I know consciously that this is something very small but still a seriessub-conscious thoughts kick in and take over me … and I become like a SUNDI – losing control over meand my thoughts, which don’t serve me.

My another SUNDI is “when somebody behind me justkeeps on honking whenI am driving the car” as there is no way he can overtake me or Ican give side. SUNDI takes over me, a rush of thoughts as if “I must deliberately now not allow thehonking car to overtake me” as if it’s revenge time ! Again doesn’t make sense or sounds worth it to lose my cool, when I think about it consciously, but it happens in an instant and I lose control…my energy goes drops fast below 10/10, which is not worth it !

I realised that realising the SUNDI’s is a very big funny and interesting realisation– funny because we behave crazy like SUNDI and interesting because it creates an opportunity for us to “accept it, be conscious about it when it happens” and create a choice of behaving differently !

I would love to hear your SUNDI’s oflife, feel free to email me back at

Wishing you a feeling 10/10 life – a life where you choose to CREATE THOUGHTS that serve you and not let the SUNDI’s take driving control over your thoughts !


Shamik 😊

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