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My ticket to Happiness …

Today I attended a talk on “Mind Vs Heart” by Acharya Vijay Ratnasundersuri Maharah Saheb. This event was supported by Young Indians Vadodara Chapter.

I got an opportunity to know & participate in this interesting talk due to my membership at Young Indians, Vadodara Chapter.

In this blog, I share about my listening of Maharaj Saheb’s talk on “Mind Vs Heart”. The talk revolved around questions like : 1) “Which choice makes you more happy in life – using more of your mind or your heart ?” 2) “Why selecting the right thoughts is very important to be happy”? 3) “Do we have the power of selecting & choosing our thoughts ?”

He gave a real life example by asking the audience a question. Say, you have invited 200 of your dear ones to a very special event of yours & only 180 people attend it, so 20 people don’t attend it…. What will your mind choose to think? He said majority of us choose to use mind in thinking “Why did 20 dear ones not attend the event?” & become unhappy.

Only few people think 180 people attended the event & become happy. With this example he posed a question on “Why does our mind most of time choose to think of what we don’t have compared to what we have?” He shared that is how our mind works and hence with his experience using “heart” more than mind makes you more happy in life.

At the same time, it’s difficult to neglect mind which is a part of our life. So , he shared 5 ways to train our mind consciously for achieving more happiness.

1. Selection : the power to select….

We have the power of selecting or choosing, so always choose to select the positive outcome of the situation. Eg from the above example choose the thought of being happy that 180 dear ones attended the wedding.

2.Collection : the power to save & delete the collection ….

Collect and save positive memories of the past and delete negative memories. In the above example delete the memory of 20 people not attending the event and save the positive memory of 180 dear ones being there on the special day.

3.Relation : the power of choosing the right relationship ….

Choose the relationship which gives you more happiness. For the blood relationship, choose the positive side of the relationship and be happy.

4.Correction : the power to correct… Accept a mistake in the relationship and share it by saying sorry to your near & dear ones instead of holding on to it. So instead of using “tit for tat” , use “forget that”.

5.Connection : the power to connect … Connect with people through your heart more than your mind.

My top 3 personal take aways from the talk : 1) I have the “power” to choose to be happy or unhappy 2) I shall use this “power”

consciously to choose “the list of positive things” compared to “list of negative things”in any situation or result . 3) I will also “choose” to use my heart

more than my mind for connecting with all my relationships.



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