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How do you make a RIGHT decision?

How do you make a RIGHT decision? How do you feel about the important decisions you have taken in your life?

I realised in my 20’s and 30’sthat making decisions sometimes took away lot of my energy, as I used to put a lot of pressure on me to makesure that I take the RIGHT decision.

Hearing quotes like “a decision can change your life”have increasingly created a huge importance of making right decisions in my life.So sometimes, I took a long time in making decisions and sometimes, I did not give enough time to make the right decision.

In addition to this, after taking the decision, the thought of“How do I know whether the decision I have taken is RIGHT for me? puts an additional burden on me and took away from me to feel 10/10 in decision making process.

Have you ever felt the same when you have to take important decisions?

  • One of the decision, I don’t feel 10/10 about from the past is doing my four years of bachelors in Chemical Engineering, as that is something I did not feel excited pursuing it and today as I think about it, I feel I should have pursued something else in that same time which Iwould have enjoyed more.

  • One of the decisions, I feel 10/10 about is making a switch over to a masters in business administration after pursuing one semester of Masters in Chemical Engineering. I feel 10/10 about it as Ican see that I enjoyed pursuing my multiple semesters of MBA program and I feel happy about it today as wellit is something which I love learning about business even today.

As I look back at both the decisions above when I was in my 20’s,for both the decisions, I followed my gut in making those final decisions. Of course, that gut feeling for a decision got developed bymultiple factors like externalsituation, asking my well wishers– my parents, family, friends andasking what result do I wish through that decision.

Overall my decision making based on “gut” worked well but in my heart, I felt there had be a better way to make decisions compared to what I was following. If I look back to all the decisions I have made in my life about my education, relationships, business, fitness, etc. there are few decisions I feel an extremely happy 10/10 about it and there are few decisions I feel less than 10/10 towards it.

During my journey of last 20 years in “self-education”,I realised I should develop a simple, fun & systematic method in terms of decision making for any area of my life.

Hence I developed a simple tool for myself,which I have been using for making all my decisions in all areas of life. This tool has made the decision making an enjoyable journey for me and has improved my chances considerablyof feeling 10/10 towards all the decisions I make now.I feel 10/10 excited to share that I will be launching this tool soon.

I would love to hear from you about your journey of decision making :

1) How do you makeyour important decisions in life? What top 3 factors do you consider to ensure you make a RIGHT decision?

2) Do you follow a standard process in making a RIGHT decision? If yes, what kind of process do you follow?

3) After taking the decision, how do you judge on whether the decision you have made is RIGHT for you?

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