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Do we have the power of creating THOUGHTS of our choice?

What if I told you that you can create thoughts of your choice (like choosing from a menu in a restaurant) in just 10 minutes? Does this sound interesting?

I started my journey of becoming conscious about my thoughts when I started the habit of journalling / writing whatever comes to mind every morning for 15-20 minutes. This helped me to see my thoughts on a piece of paper compared to getting confused by trying to see my thoughts in my mind. I found this habit easier for knowing my thoughts compared to “meditation”. At the end of meditation, I did not end up with a feeling of peace but ended with confusion as I was thinking in my head.

As my journey of journalling (writing my thoughts every morning ) continued, I got more inquisitive of learning on “How does these thoughts get generated?”

· Is it 100% automatic where I don’t have the choice of creating thoughts ?


· Do I have the power or human skill of creating thoughts of my choice like choosing from a menu in a restaurant?

To know this, I started doing research by reading books and watching video’s on you tube by searching “is creating thoughts possible?”.

There were many interesting technical and philosophical perspectives from Harvard professors, motivational speakers & spiritual gurus on this topic. After my research, I learnt the following and am sharing in my own simple words and understanding.

· There are 3 states of mind – 100% conscious mind, sub-conscious mind, zero-conscious mind :

1) 100% conscious mind – is when you take control of your mind and tell him what you wish, in this state you can choose the thought you wish to create, mind is very active as you are creating thoughts, ideas. Here we are aware of thoughts in our mind.

2) Sub-conscious mind –is a part of our mind that makes decision without our needing to actively think about it. In this state you are doing your daily activities part conscious, part not conscious, not much thinking involved. A great example is our daily habits (eg driving the car, brushing your teeth, ) a list of activities we do in kind of auto-mode.

3) 0% zero conscious mind – a state where zero thoughts are generated, where mind is generating zero thoughts, it feels like a switched off engine, eg sleeping without having a dream or thoughts is a zero conscious state.

Then, I started putting the number of hours in 3 categories of 24 hours based on my understanding:

1) 100% conscious mind – 8 hours a day (33% of the day). Activities of journalling, meditation, finding solution to grow business, meetings at office, meaningful conversations with people, learning time, writing blogs, (very active use of mind)

2) Sub-conscious mind –8 hours a day (33% of the day). Activities of brushing teeth, eating, driving my car, watching a movie, enjoying with friends,

3) Unconscious mind - (8 hours a day) 33% of a day, conscious mind ( unconscious ) – sleeping, when I am focussing only on my breathing, etc.

What is your time breakup of conscious vs sub conscious vs unconscious look like?

· The result of becoming conscious about this 3 types of mind-state, is now it gives me a choice to design my 3 states based on the feelings and results I wish to generate during the day.

· Hence, I concluded for myself that I can create thoughts of my choice whenever I wish to and for doing that I have to get into my “conscious state first”.

Would you be interested in knowing – “How to generate thoughts of your choice in just 10 minutes”?. If yes, I will write a blog on this topic and share the “tool” I use with you.

Wish you a feeling 10/10 week ahead and try experimenting by being in 3 states! Do share your experience of reading this blog by emailing/replying me at this address.



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