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A new breakthrough in my relationships

I attended landmark education workshop on 11th Sept 2016 in Vadodara with an open mind of getting one big breakthrough in the area of my relationships.

During one of the exercise, which involved identification of individual strengths which becomes a limitation in other areas, I could identify that one of my biggest strength that has made me successful in my business was my analytical skills – .a skill which involves thinking and logical reasoning.

As this strength & my way of being analytical has brought me success in business, I realized that I was applying my analytical skills within all my relationships – my family, friends & community around me. For example, when I was with my family and friends for a social gathering, I would:

  • judge my friends & family from the past incidents with them

  • apply logical reasoning of why he or she is like that

  • try to look good or avoid looking bad

This way of being had a negative impact on me in three major ways:

  • I was not 100% enjoying my relationships when I was amongst them

  • I could not experience a 100% natural bond & connection with my friends and family

  • My friends and family could not completely enjoy my company

I realized that I was using more of my analytical mind than my heart when I was with my friends, family, business associates or any social gathering in general.

During the exercise within the landmark training, to overcome this negative impact in my life, I took 3 actions:

  1. I realized & accepted that my analytical nature in business is having a huge negative impact in my relationships & I am not able to enjoy the relationships the way I want to !

  2. I shared this challenge in front of other participants

  3. I declared a new possibility of “being fun and humorous” in all my relationships rather than “being analytical”

I have started living this new possibility by being fun and humorous by not analyzing when I am with my friends, family, business partners, community etc by consciously bringing fun and humor in my conversations with them since past three weeks and have got amazing breakthroughs of natural and fun connect with all my relationships.

a new breakthrough in my relationships ….. from being analytical to being fun & humorous with them !

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