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Hi ! I am Shamik – a proud Young Indian !


I started my conscious journey of consciously feeling 10/10 when I got pulled towards the “self -help” section of a book store in 2001 at the age of 23. Since then, I have invested more than 10,000 hours towards learning “self-help” by reading books, attending workshops/seminars/programs, getting coached, writing blogs & running marathons and triathlons !


This journey of learning “self-help” for more than 20 years has helped me to discover that the amazing feeling of 10/10 can be felt in every breathe if we feed and train our mind with the right content, education & exercises.


The mission of Feeling 10/10 venture is to design and create simple and easy to use educational tools for Young Indians, which can help them feel 10/10 in every moment as they progress towards achieving success in all areas of life. These tools generate the right quality of thoughts – which eventually makes them feel 10/10 in their journey of success independent of external environment.


Wishing Young Indians – a feeling of 10/10 in every step they take towards building themselves and the nation - India !




About Feeling 10/10

Feeling 10/10 - generating thoughts that make Young Indians feel 10/10 !


Generating thoughts for feeling 10/10 !



Feeling 10/10 is a mind-education company helping Young Individuals generate consistent happy thoughts by offering tools like books, journals & courses.


 Feeling 10/10 is a mind-education company offering simple and playful resources to Young Indians for feeling 10/10 on daily basis. It designs and offers educational tools like books, journals & courses for Young Indians ( age 20 to 45 years ) to feel 10/10 towards physical fitness, emotional wellness, career/business, finance/money, celebrations, purpose, passion, contribution etc.


The tools, books, journals & courses helps Young Indians to feel 10/10 in every step of the life journey as they build their career, business, family, relationships, money & identity. These resources fills up their journey towards success with lots of fulfilment & inner joy by helping them deal with their daily thoughts in a more conscious way !

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